You got the interview, but now it’s time to get the job. Here are 4 tips to make sure you land the job.

Well done! You are now shortlisted for an interview after submitting a killer application for a software engineering job. Indeed, a special feeling comes at such a time. The only thing is that there is the risk of getting complacent when that happens. For that reason, you need to appreciate that there may be a few hurdles to jump going forward and that proper preparation is not an option.

Remember that interviewers will consider various aspects, in this case, before selecting the ideal candidate. On the other hand, other shortlisted candidates will also be seeking to give the interview their…

Quitting your software engineering job requires you to remain professional from the moment you give your notice to the final day at work

Quitting your software engineering job requires you to remain professional from the moment you give your notice to the final day at work. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current role or you have found something better to focus on, resigning needs to be handled properly. Leaving your software engineering job in the wrong way can have disastrous results for your career and can possibly damage your reputation. Maintaining a good relationship with your supervisor and co-workers after quitting is essential for protecting your reputation in the industry. Kindly read on to understand how to resign from a software engineering job.

Schedule a Meeting with Your Supervisor

Let’s talk about 6 helpful tips that will get you through the process with your dignity and reputation intact.

Finally! After months of job hunting, you have an offer on the table for a software development job. You quickly accept it. You’re excited, and ready to get to work!

Only… a couple of days later, you receive an even better offer from another company — one with better benefits, better pay, and (frankly) a better culture fit. In fact, this other job looks like your dream job. What should you do?

As that scenario nicely illustrates, things can change quickly. It could be a new job offer; it could be a family emergency that’s just come up; or it…

Software engineers are in high demand. So why can’t you quickly secure a new job?

As technology accelerates, so too does software. Being able to create software can put any professional in high demand. You can find engineering jobs online. Sometimes job offers arrive based on resume keywords alone. So when you start job-searching in earnest, why the heck can’t you land a position? This is a problem that is surprisingly normal in the high-demand tech industry. Often, skilled professionals get frustrated with the slow and unreliable process after resumes are submitted and interviews begin.

Maybe you’re hoping to hear back from that one dream job, and they just won’t call with an update. Or…

4 day week postings are on the rise. ZipRecruiter notes that job listings offering four-hour weeks have tripled over the last three years.

Software developers may not enjoy the benefits of a four-hour week. So, they settle for the next best option — a remote position with a 4-day workweek.

Tech companies are increasingly realizing the value of embracing the 4-day week concept, and it’s paying off by the bucketload.

Awin, a Berlin-based tech firm, let its 1,000 employees work remotely for a four-day week. The results? An engaged workforce, which heightened productivity and increased sales.

Awin is just one of the tech companies reaping the benefits of a remote workforce and a four-day week.

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If you don’t mind popping into the office…

A battle-proven way to reschedule an interview without jeopardizing your chances of getting hired.

After months of search, you’ve landed a phone interview for a software engineer position. You’re ecstatic and sure of acing the interview and getting a job offer.

You’ve prepped adequately by preparing a call framework and roll played with a friend, severally to cover all ground and eliminate any blindsides. You’ve accounted for everything except one — Murphy’s law.

Something crops up and ruins your best-laid plans. You’re taken ill, a loved one is admitted to the ER, you’re caught up at work, or in crippling state-wide power outage.

What to do?

How do you salvage the situation and increase…

We’ve collated a list of our favourite podcasts talking all about the world of the digital nomad and what it has to offer so if you’re already a pioneer of the remote world or someone looking to get involved in it, this is the list for you

The idea of a digital nomad is still a relatively new one but with the recent seismic changes to the job market, it has become a key part of the modern workplace. Long gone is the traditional idea that workers should be stuck in the same dingy office for up to fifty years before a disappointing retirement. Now more than ever there is the opportunity for there to be a solid balance between life and work with a new office every day and more time for the things that really matter, enter: the digital nomad.

The sector which has benefited…

During lockdown I’ve felt a burnt out. To combat this I’ve been trying different techniques to become a more efficient programmer.

During lockdown I’ve felt a burnt out. To combat this I’ve been trying different techniques to become a more efficient programmer.

Shamelessly, my goal is to work less so that I can live more, whilst maintaining a similar level of output. I strongly believe that not all code is created equally and that I can achieve 90% output, whilst reducing my “hours worked” by 20%.

Here are some strategies which I believe have helped the most during the last 6 months. These techniques are mostly applicable for side projects but some could be also applied to your full time job.

🖥️ 1. I invested in an ultra wide 49" monitor

Tips on how to negotiate salary, start date & benefits and how to respond to a verbal offer

As a software developer, you know that you have a high-demand skillset. When you move toward negotiations for a new position, it can be difficult to know what to say when you get an offer, or even “worse”: what to say when you have already accepted a job but got a better offer elsewhere. Either way, when negotiating a job offer you may want to make sure you’re in the best position possible to get the benefits you need, from the salary you’re asking for to the health insurance and other benefits you know you deserve.

Negotiation in order to…

You’ll need to send a cover letter alongside your resume when responding to a software developer position promising a four-hour workweek.

Writing a cover letter might seem like an unnecessary hassle but think of it as an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Craft the cover letter to show why you’re interested in the job and why you’re best suited for the role.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind while writing a cover letter and a sample software engineer cover letter for inspiration.

What to Include in a Cover Letter

You should use this 3-part structure while writing a cover letter.

  • Salutation. Preferably, you should address the contact person by name instead of the dreadful, Dear Sir/Madam.
  • The body. Include at least two paragraphs highlighting relevant qualifications, skills…

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