We compare the work-life balance of FAANG employees at Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft comparing their vacation, remote work policy as well as openness to side projects.

Should you send them a rejection email / letter? Or maybe over the phone? It’s difficult telling someone they didn’t get the job, but here are some tips to help.

Average salaries differ depending on various factors, including location, company size and industry

You got the interview, but now it’s time to get the job. Here are 4 tips to make sure you land the job.

Quitting your software engineering job requires you to remain professional from the moment you give your notice to the final day at work

Let’s talk about 6 helpful tips that will get you through the process with your dignity and reputation intact.

Software engineers are in high demand. So why can’t you quickly secure a new job?

4 day week postings are on the rise. ZipRecruiter notes that job listings offering four-hour weeks have tripled over the last three years.

A battle-proven way to reschedule an interview without jeopardizing your chances of getting hired.

We’ve collated a list of our favourite podcasts talking all about the world of the digital nomad and what it has to offer so if you’re already a pioneer of the remote world or someone looking to get involved in it, this is the list for you

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Founder @ 4dayweek.io - Software jobs with a better work / life balance.

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