7 Best AI Time-Tracking Tools

Discover the top AI-powered time-tracking tools in our detailed guide, ideal for boosting productivity and efficiency in your personal and professional life.

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Thriving in today’s work environment requires balancing productivity with well-being, and AI time-tracking apps are pivotal. These apps streamline productivity and promote work-life balance.

By automating time-tracking, businesses can reclaim significant lost productivity. According to Acumen Data Systems, automated monitoring of work hours can precisely recapture a total of $666,400 in yearly wages, demonstrating the tangible financial benefits of this technology.

Join us to explore the 7 best time-tracking apps that make workspaces more efficient and balanced.

Best Time Tracking Software

Let’s overview some of the top AI time-tracking apps available at highly economical rates:

| Time Tracking Tools | Pricing | Key Features | Rating | | — — — — — — — — — — -| — — — -| — — — — — — — | — — — — | | Timingapp | Professional $8/month, Expert $10/month, Connect $14/user/month (annually) Professional $10/month, Expert $13/month, Connect $18/user/month (monthly) | — Categorizes activities based on app and website usage — Visual reports — Tracks phone calls/meetings/calendar events — Screen Time data import — Detailed reporting capabilities | 5/5 | | Clockk | $18/user/month (annual), $15/user/month (monthly) | — Automated time tracking — Visualization of day — Powerful timesheet management and reporting — Idle time detection — GDPR and CCPA compliant | 5/5 | | Toggl | Free Plan: Starter $9/user/month, Premium $18/user/month (annual), Starter $10/user/month, Premium $20/user/month (monthly) | — Billable hour tracking — Project management features — Offline tracking — Mobile and desktop apps — One-click timers — Advanced reporting and analytics tools | 4.8/5 | | Rize | Free Plan: $9.99/month (annual), $16.99/month (monthly) | — AI technology tracks and classifies activities — Custom metrics — Break and overworking notifications — Google/Outlook Calendar integration — Pomodoro technique | 4.6/5 | | Clockify | Basic $3.99/month, Standard $5.49/month, Pro $7.99/month, Enterprise $11.99/month | — Real-time work hour tracking — Weekly timesheet — Calendar management — Robust reporting capabilities — Cross-platform compatibility | 4.2/5 | | RescueTime | Free Plan: $12/month $78/year | — Comprehensive activity tracking — Blocks distracting websites/messages — Supports offline work — Cross-platform compatibility — Timesheets AI beta — Daily forecast with RescueTime Assistant | 3.9/5 | | TimeCamp | Free Plan: Starter $2.99/month, Premium $4.99/month, Ultimate $7.99/month (annual), Starter $3.99/month, Premium $6.99/month, Ultimate $10.99/month (monthly) | — Task handling with team communication
— Payroll and attendance management — Geofencing — Kiosk function — Bulk edit — Browser activity tracking | 3/5 |

1. Timingapp

Rating: 5/5

Pricing: Professional $8/month, Expert $10/month, Connect $14/user/month (annual) and Professional $10/month, Expert $13/month, Connect $18/user/month (monthly)


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The timing app offers a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage project time-tracking precisely. It goes beyond simple tracking as the tool intelligently categorizes your activities based on the applications and websites you use.

Also, the Timing app’s reporting capabilities set it apart. It generates visually attractive reports, clearly showing how your time is distributed across different projects. These further help you identify bottlenecks, improve time allocation, and make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity.

One of the unique features of this time-tracking app is its ability to monitor a wide range of activities, not just those on the computer. It also includes tracking phone calls, meetings, and calendar events. For manual time entries, the tool facilitates the easy addition of offline activities and allows traditional start-stop timers to manage tasks​​​​.


  • Features a unique capability of importing iPhone and iPad usage data from Screen Time
  • Offers detailed reporting capabilities suitable for freelancers and agencies
  • Privacy-focused project management features, particularly in team settings, protecting individual user data
  • Generate detailed reports and visuals, exportable via CSV, PDF, or Excel​


  • The full range of features is available only in higher-tier plans
  • Not-so-intuitive interface

2. Clockk

Rating: 5/5

Pricing: $18/user/month (annual) $15/user/month (monthly)


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Distinguished by its AI-driven approach, Clockk eliminates the need for start-and-stop timers working in the background to capture every minute of your workday. This automated process makes time tracking less cumbersome and ensures that no billable time is missed due to the hassle of switching between projects.

One of this time-tracking app’s standout features is its ability to visualize your day. This includes the files you edited, the web app you used, calendar events, project progress, and management tools history during each time block.

It is an excellent time-tracking app emphasizing your data’s privacy and security. Simply put, you will fully control who sees your data, making time tracking less intrusive.


  • Offers a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Supports unlimited users and is suitable for growing businesses
  • Daily insight emails provide you with detailed analyses of your time spent
  • The support team is noted for its responsiveness and helpfulness


  • Accessing past tracking data may incur additional charges
  • Lacks a feature for manually assigning unrecorded URLs to specific projects

3. Toggl

Rating: 4.8/5

Pricing: Free Plan, Starter $9/user/month, Premium $18/user/month (annual), and Starter $10/user/month, Premium $20/user/month (monthly)


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Toggl is the best time-tracking app to choose if you want to enhance your productivity and efficiency. The tool’s core feature is its ability to record every billable hour so you can create invoices for clients.

Additionally, Toggl Track offers project management tools in collaboration with the Toggl Plan, allowing efficient task allocation and accurate monitoring of log hours. This two-way integration ensures your projects are profitable and completed on schedule.

Other than this, the time-tracking app has various features that enhance user experience. Examples include offline tracking capabilities, desktop and mobile apps for on-the-go tracking, one-click timers, and more. Using the tool, you can get actionable insights from data with weekly custom reports.


  • Offers a free plan suitable for individuals and small business owners
  • Features like one-click timers and favorites enhance ease of use
  • Comprises advanced reporting and analytics tools for detailed insights and client reporting
  • Assists in team capacity planning by real-time views of hours worked, availability, and workload


  • Limited features in the free version compared to paid plans
  • Its integration capabilities aren’t as extensive as some users require

4. Rize

Rating: 4.6/5

Pricing: Free Plan, $9.99/month (annual), $16.99 (monthly)


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Rize.io is a revolutionary time-tracking app that transforms work habits and boosts focus. Powered by AI technology, it tracks and classifies your activities in real-time, offering better insights into how you’re spending your time.

Moreover, Rize offers daily scores with custom metrics regarding which apps or websites affect your productivity. So you can work on this area to reclaim your focus. It even sends break and overworking notifications, helping you prevent burnout.

The best part is that this time tracker app can easily integrate with your Google or Outlook Calendar. This ensures the categorization rules set by the tool are based on your schedule. Lastly, it also incorporates the Pomodoro technique, offering a session timer that allows you to track time manually, boosting both efficiency and productivity.


  • Categorize time automatically depending on how your day was spent
  • Available on both Windows and MacOS
  • Emails custom daily and weekly reports
  • Helps reduce context-switching
  • This tool for tracking time can be customized according to your requirements


  • Shorter free time-tracking trial, valid only for 15 days
  • The paid version can be a bit pricey
  • Not suitable for business-related automatic time tracking

5. Clockify

Rating: 4.2/5

Pricing: Basic $3.99/month, Standard $5.49/month, Pro $7.99/month, Enterprise $11.99/month


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Clockify is a widely used automatic time tracker that meets the needs of both teams and individuals. A standout feature of this tool is its accessibility, offering unlimited users and maintaining a free forever policy. This makes it particularly appealing for small businesses with budget constraints.

In terms of time management, Clockify offers a comprehensive suite of tools for project monitoring. You can track time accurately with a timer, lock time entries on a weekly timesheet, or manage task hours visually with a calendar.

The versatility of this time-tracking app extends to its compatibility with multiple platforms. It has dedicated Windows, Mac, and Linux apps for desktop use. Moreover, it also supports web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The time-tracking app is available for Android and iOS mobile users.


  • Free for an unlimited number of users, making it budget-friendly
  • Can be used across multiple platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile apps
  • Diverse functionalities cater to a wide range of industries and professional needs
  • Aids in team collaboration with features like leave and holiday management, timesheet approvals, etc.


  • May require a learning curve for new users to utilize all its capabilities fully
  • Depending on the business size, the free version may not meet all the advanced needs

6. RescueTime

Rating: 3.9/5

Pricing: Free Plan, $12/month, $78/year


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RescueTime is a simple time-tracking app designed to enhance time management and focus. It offers comprehensive activity tracking across devices, allowing you to understand your work habits better and identify distractions.

Notably, RescueTime blocks distracting websites and messages during focus sessions, essential for maintaining concentration. It also supports offline work and is compatible across different platforms so that you can switch seamlessly between any mobile and desktop app.

On top of that, this free time-tracking app comes with an intelligent feature called Timesheets AI beta, which simplifies tracking your projects using a simple drag-and-drop method. Plus, the RescueTime Assistant gives you a forecast of your day every morning, helping you plan for the most productive routine.


  • Automated division of time between projects or clients
  • Offers insights and guidance for better time management
  • AI-driven for increasing accuracy over time
  • Compatible for tracking time across various operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS)


  • Limited trial period of only 14 days
  • Lacks project management tools

7. TimeCamp

Rating: 3/5

Pricing: Free Plan 0$, Starter $2.99/month, Premium $4.99/month, Ultimate $7.99/month (annual), and Starter $3.99/month, Premium $6.99/month, Ultimate $10.99/month (monthly)


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Since its launch in 2010, TimeCamp has been a game-changer in basic time tracking. It seamlessly integrates task handling with team communication to streamline project execution. Moreover, this tool simplifies tracking worked hours and lets you easily manage payrolls and employee attendance.

Its key features, like Geofencing, cater to field workers, while the Kiosk function revolutionizes attendance management. This way, you can achieve accurate and transparent time tracking of your workers without breaking the bank.

TimeCamp’s focus on improving billing accuracy and project time efficiency empowers users to increase profits and optimize productivity. As a versatile project management tool and employee time-tracking app, it is helpful for businesses and individuals.


  • Integrates around 100 third-party apps to streamline the workflow
  • Generate reports that help with quick project budgeting
  • Boasts features like bulk editing and browser activity tracking for effective time monitoring
  • Easy to set up with a user-friendly interface


  • The premium version of this time-tracking tool is a bit pricey
  • Its reporting features can not export data to various formats

Summing Up

The AI time-tracking apps have revolutionized how you approach productivity and time management. These tools offer innovative solutions to track and optimize your work hours and pave the way for more flexible and efficient work environments.

With these innovative time-tracking apps, it’s equally important to consider the evolving nature of work-life balance. This is where the concept of a four-day workweek comes into play, offering a balance between productivity and personal well-being.

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