Snap Software Engineer Salaries: A Detailed Guide

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Snap, renowned for its innovative approach to social media, focuses on enhancing user interaction through features like augmented reality, interactive lenses, and short video content.

It’s home to a diverse team of over 5,288 employees, including skilled software engineers who are the backbone of Snap’s technological advancements.

Join us as we explore the comprehensive salary package, extensive benefits, and the unique work culture that Snap offers its software engineers, making it an attractive employer in the tech world.

Snap Software Engineer Salary by Level

Snap Inc.’s compensation structure for various levels is as follows:

| Level | Level Name | Total Compensation | Base Salary | Stock per Year | Bonus | | — — — -| — — — — — — — -| — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — — — — — — | — — — -| | L3 | Entry Level | $193K | $141K | $49K | $4K | | L4 | Early Career | $361K | $184K | $176K | $882 | | L5 | Mid Career | $556K | $243K | $300K | $13K | | L6 | Senior Level| $682K | $270K | $390K | $22K | | L7 | Principal Level | $806K | $252K | $534K | $20K |


L3: Entry-Level Software Engineer

A software engineer at Snap’s entry-level (L3) can expect a total annual compensation of $193K. This includes a base salary of $141K, stock worth $49K per year, and a bonus of $4K.

L4: Early Career Software Engineer

Software engineers in their early career stages (L4) earn a total annual compensation of $361K. This comprises a base salary of $184K, stock worth $176K per year, and a bonus of $833.

L5: Mid-Career Software Engineer

The mid-career software engineers (L5) at Snap earn a total annual compensation of $556K. The compensation includes a base salary of $243K, stock worth $300K per year, and a bonus of $13K.

L6: Senior-Level Software Engineer

Senior-level software engineers (L6) at Snap have a total annual compensation of $682K. This compensation includes a base salary of $270K, stock worth $390K per year, and a bonus of $22K.

L7 — Principal Engineer

The average total compensation in this top-tier position (L7) is approximately $806K. It includes a base salary of $252K, stock worth $534K per year, and a bonus of $20K.

Snap Software Engineer Salaries

Snap Software Engineer Salary Progression

Snap Office

Snap offers an enticing career path for software engineers with notable salary progression as they advance through the levels.

Below is a breakdown of what this ascent looks like:

  1. L3: As an entry-level software engineer, the compensation package averages $193K. Responsibilities at this stage include assisting in developing and maintaining code and debugging and testing.
  2. L4: At this level, the average total compensation significantly leaps to $361K. New responsibilities include taking on more complex coding tasks, collaborating with teams on projects, and contributing to architectural decisions.
  3. L5: The mid-level engineering position has an average compensation of $556K. Elevated responsibilities include leading project teams, mentoring junior engineers, and driving technical designs and strategies.
  4. L6: The senior-level engineer enjoys an average compensation of $682K. This role takes on leadership tasks, oversees project management, and influences the strategic direction of engineering projects.
  5. L7: At this advanced level, average total compensation increases to $806K. Principal engineers at Snap are responsible for leading major technical initiatives, setting strategic engineering directions, and influencing critical decisions that shape the company’s technological landscape.

Geographic Salary Variations at Snap Inc.

Snap Office

Snap Inc. operates globally, and a Software Engineer’s compensation can vary significantly depending on the location.

Here are the salaries offered by Snap Inc. at a few locations :

| Location | Average Base Salaries | | — — — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — — -| | San Francisco, CA | $154K | | Seattle, WA | $150K | | London, United Kingdom | $143K | | Salt Lake City, UT | $140K | | Remote | $140K | | Los Angeles, CA | $138K | | New York, NY | $128K | | Washington, DC | $120K | | Toronto, Canada | $113K | | Austin, TX | $109K |

Source: Interview Query Despite these variations, Snap Inc. ensures competitive compensation in all locations. Compensation is often commensurate with the cost of living and market standards of each locale.

Top Benefits at Snap Inc.

Snap Work Benefits

Snap Inc., known for its innovative technology and services, offers its employees a comprehensive array of benefits . Below are some of the key benefits that set them apart:

  1. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: Snap fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  2. Gym Discounts: Employees enjoy free Super Sport membership at 24 Hour Fitness and discounts on Equinox membership.
  3. Health Benefits: A range of health insurance options and a Health Savings Account with employer contribution make healthcare accessible.
  4. Life Insurance: Basic life insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage is provided up to a maximum of $1M.
  5. Maternity and Paternity Leave: Generous maternity and paternity leaves of 28 and 16 weeks respectively.
  6. Unlimited Sick Time and Personal Time Off: Snap promotes a work-life balance by providing unlimited sick days and vacation time.
  7. Pet Insurance: Unique benefit of pet insurance to support pet owners.
  8. Fertility Assistance: Assistance for egg freezing is provided.
  9. Retirement Plans: With a 100% match on the first 5% of base salary, the 401k plan is quite beneficial.
  10. Remote Work: Flexibility to work from home is provided.

You can find more details about these benefits on Levels. fyi.

Snap’s Working Culture

Snap's Working Culture

Snap boasts a remarkable working culture. Accolades indicate the company’s impressive work-life balance, happiness, and culture score.

| Department | Work Life Balance | Happiness | Culture Score | | — -| — -| — -| — -| | Marketing | A+ | A+ | A+ | | Operations | A+ | A+ | A+ | | Sales | A+ | A+ | A+ | | Engineering | B+ | A+ | A+ | | Product | B | B | B | | Design | C+ | A+ | A+ |

According to data from Comparably, the work-life balance in most departments at Snap is rated A+. This creates a highly favorable environment where employees can efficiently balance their personal and professional lives.

Furthermore, the Happiness and Culture Scores are predominantly A+, indicating a positive work environment that encourages employee satisfaction and productivity.

However, the Product and Design departments show signs of struggle, with lower ratings in work-life balance. This discrepancy could be due to the demanding nature of product development and design roles in a tech-focused company such as Snap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Software Engineers make at Snap?

Snap Software Engineer Salaries

Source: Glassdoor

The salary for a Software Engineer at Snap depends on the level. For instance, an entry-level engineer (L3) earns a total compensation package of $193K, including base pay, stock, and bonus. On the contrary, a principal-level engineer (L7) makes $806K.

Q. What is the average salary at Snap?

Snap offers competitive compensation packages across all levels. For a Software Engineer, the average total compensation ranges from $193K to $806K, depending on the level of expertise.

Q. What is the highest salary offered as a Software Engineer at Snap?

The highest salary for a Software Engineer at Snap is for the L7 level, earning $806K. This comprises a base salary of $252K, $534K in stock, and a $20K bonus.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at Snap?

A Software Engineer at Snap requires a diverse skill set. These include proficiency in programming languages like Java, Python, or C++, an understanding of data structures and algorithms, and experience with web technologies. Also, familiarity with augmented reality technologies aligns with Snap’s core products.

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at Snap?

An entry-level Software Engineer at Snap, classified as L3, earns a total compensation package of $193K. This includes a base salary of $141K, $49K in stock, and a $4K bonus.

Summing Up

Snap Inc. offers a competitive range of salaries for their Software Engineers, accompanied by impressive benefits. The snapshot of the company’s culture suggests an overall positive work-life balance.

If you’re seeking a role that values your skills and compensates you well, then considering a position at Snap Inc. might be the perfect choice.

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