What are the Highest Paying Programming Languages in 2022?

This article analyses data from 5,508 software engineering job listings to help you figure out which programming languages have the highest salary.

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5 min readJun 25, 2022


Software engineers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety of jobs available to them at the moment. Almost every industry needs programmers in some capacity, with jobs ranging from web development to ethical hacking. All that variety means there are big differences in pay and availability between different programming languages.

We’ve analysed data from 5k job listings on RemoteOK (the worlds largest job board) to determine which programming languages are paid the most and the least…

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Which Programming Languages Pay The Most in 2022?

When searching for a programming language job, it’s important to compare the pay being offered by an employer to averages across the industry. Is the pay much higher than average? Much lower?_ Doing this will help you contextualize the job offer as you start weighing your options and choosing favorites.

Here’s a list of the highest paying programming languages:

  1. Swift: $116,000 median (30 jobs)
  2. Python: $105,000 median (227 jobs)
  3. Golang: $100,000 median (412 jobs)
  4. C++: $100,000 median (61 jobs)
  5. Java: $95,000 median (134 jobs)
  6. Ruby: $95,000 median (474 jobs)
  7. Rust: $88,000 median (13 jobs)
  8. SQL: $85,000 median (147 jobs)

Based on the analysed jobs, Swift has the highest earning potential with median jobs paying around $116k, and frequently earning more than $170k per year. The programming language, which was developed by Apple, was also voted as the “most loved” language in a 2015 Stack Overflow survey.

Most loved programming languages over time

The Swift language is often used to create iOS and macOS apps, however, listings are rare and on the decline e.g. there were only 30 Swift jobs in our dataset. That means competition is fierce! For a less competitive…



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