Twitter Interview Process: Everything You Need To Know

Twitter is a fast-growing social media company and an incredibly popular company with people seeking jobs in tech. We’ll walk you through the entire job application process.

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What Does The Application Process At Twitter Look Like?

Twitter gets a lot of applications. In response, they’ve developed a unique hiring process that’s designed to differentiate between very good applicants and excellent ones.

The process can take anywhere from weeks to months depending on things like how urgently they need the position filled and how quickly you complete each stage. With that being said, on average the process takes between two and six weeks from start to finish, depending on the role you’re applying for.

While marketing and support take less amount of time, the interview process of product management roles can last up to six weeks.

Twitter application process and timeline

Twitter’s interview process itself contains between 4 to 6 rounds of interviews which will be discussed in more detail below.

Week 0: Online Application

The first step in the hiring process is filling out an online form on Twitter Careers with some basic information about yourself and uploading your resume along with a cover letter. Nothing mind-blowing here!

If you want to leave a strong impression, it’s important to make your cover letter and resume relevant to the role you’re applying for. Go through the job listing and include keywords they may be looking for. Make sure that you know Twitter and their history to prepare yourself for questions related to cultural fit.

So many applicants squander their cover letters’ self-promotional potential by confusing long winded dullness with professionalism. Great cover letters are conversational, engaging, and straight to the point. They help recruiters see you as a fleshed-out person rather than a collection of facts and anecdotes. If you’re applying for an internship, make sure to follow @TwitterU to understand what the company is looking for in early-career applicants:



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