The Top 7 Podcasts For The Digital Nomad in 2021!

We’ve collated a list of our favourite podcasts talking all about the world of the digital nomad and what it has to offer so if you’re already a pioneer of the remote world or someone looking to get involved in it, this is the list for you

Phil from 4 day week
6 min readMay 7, 2021

The idea of a digital nomad is still a relatively new one but with the recent seismic changes to the job market, it has become a key part of the modern workplace. Long gone is the traditional idea that workers should be stuck in the same dingy office for up to fifty years before a disappointing retirement. Now more than ever there is the opportunity for there to be a solid balance between life and work with a new office every day and more time for the things that really matter, enter: the digital nomad.

The sector which has benefited most from the digital nomad is software engineering where jobs in web developing and coding have evolved to the point where they can really be done from anywhere, a truly remote job. We are starting to see a world where remote work is almost the norm for those looking for occupations in coding and programming so we’ve collated a list of our favourite podcasts talking all about the world of the digital nomad and what it has to offer so if you’re already a pioneer of the remote world or someone looking to get involved in it, this is the list for you.

Mastering Remote Link to podcast

Arc’s ‘Mastering Remote’ podcast is a great one for professional remote workers and company owners alike as they do a really great job at going into detail about some key parts of remote work, making sure to cover bases for both parties involved. Whereas some podcasts can be guilty of skipping over the topics that really are important to people, ‘Mastering Remote’ is great for discussing the key parts of remote work, the things that really matter to those trying to build a remote life working on javascript, html and python.

Christine Orchard is the host of the show and she herself is a true advocate of the digital nomad lifestyle with her working out of Taipei despite being an Ohio native. She always makes sure to bring great people on to the show with the big wigs of Cota Capital, HubSpot and Buffer coming on recently.

Mastering Remote is already on its second season so there is a great wealth of content out there already for you to get your teeth stuck into, making it a great podcast for software engineering professionals looking to make their life a remote one.

Indie Hackers Link to podcast

The Indie Hackers Podcast is a great one for gathering perspective on the latest ongoings in the remote world and getting a sense of how other people are doing things online and making a great living for themselves in the process. It’s the stories that really matter here as the podcast shows you the inner workings of remote work and the reality of working online.

Courtland Allen is the host of the show and with over 200 episodes under his belt now he’s really great at getting the stories out of people that matter. How did you take your company from start-up to sensation in two years? How did your first acquisition go? How have you made a living from working remotely on software developing and website engineering? All this and more is what the Indie Hackers Podcast is great at covering.

The Remote Show Link to podcast

Much like the Indie Hackers Podcast, The Remote Show is another great tool for those aiming to make a living online. Made by the guys at We Work Remotely, the podcast is purely about remote work and through some really interesting interviews the show has a lot to offer, from inside knowledge and tips to help you start your work life online to the specific tools that the guests use on a daily basis. We actually covered We Work Remotely earlier this year on our list of the 10 Websites to Find Remote Software Jobs in 2021 so if you’re looking to start working remotely they’re some of the best guys to learn from. They have a proven track record at getting people jobs in coding and programming a well as other non-the specific areas so The Remote Show is a necessary listen for all Digital Nomads.

The Yonder Podcast Link to podcast

Yonder’s podcast all about remote working is another great listen for those trying to build a life around software engineering and website development on the go. Their interviews are often extremely personal revolving around the guest’s real life experiences with making a living as a digital nomad.

The diversity of sector in Jeff Robbins’ podcast is also refreshing as one week he’ll be discussing remote working in a call centre environment and the next he’ll be analysing how to create a company culture without that face-to-face contact available in the traditional working environment.

The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan Link to podcast

The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan is a great podcast if you’re looking for something that shoots right for the top of the next workplace environment. Through speaking to mainly CEOs and former chiefs at large companies Morgan is trying to find out how the next few years could look for workers. Whether that be someone trying to build a career through coding, software development or any other sector of modern business.

With COVID-19 throwing a spanner into everyone’s works, the future does seem rather unclear at the moment so Jacob Morgan’s show is a top one for those trying to plan out the next few years of their life. Topics such as how will AI affect us and how to manage your years on this planet come up as Morgan aims to clear through the haze of the modern working world.

Become Nomad Podcast Link to podcast

Sometimes we can all get lost in our work, consumed by the deadlines and urgent emails. This can cause burnout and stress, something which the Become Nomad Podcast aims to combat. The show is a really necessary listen for all Digital Nomads as Eli David and the team aim to give you a better work-life balance when on the road. The show chats a lot about the nomadic lifestyle with a particular focus on how travel and trekking can give you a better lifestyle when working remote. It’s a really great listen that always has at least a couple of tidbits that open your eyes on how to go about your remote lifestyle in a better way. Working with java, python, javascript and html can get heavy so this podcast is a must listen for those feeling bogged down.

The Tim Ferriss Show Link to podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show is often seen as a mammoth of the modern business podcast sector with more than 600 million episodes downloaded and a pretty consistent spot at the top of the apple podcast rankings. Ferriss’ niche is getting world famous guests on the show and picking their brain, finding out what makes them who they are.

The Tim Ferriss Show is such an inspirational listen and really makes you want to go out there and do something productive. Remote working can be a bit of a drag sometimes with burnout common but Ferriss’ podcast is a necessary one for getting yourself back on track with your goals. Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, Maria Sharapova, Jamie Foxx and Matthew McConaughey have all been guests on the show so be sure to give this one a listen.

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