The Stripe Interview Process and How to Ace it

An interview process for a software engineer position verifies two things: 1) your cultural fit and 2) your technical skills. The following article will help you stand out during Stripe’s interview process by sharing insights on both aspects.

Phil from 4 day week


With its $95 billion valuation, working at Stripe is a no-brainer (even though it doesn’t have a 4 Day Work Week policy 😇). Whether you want glory, wealth, knowledge, or simply a company that takes good care of its employees: you will receive it all. However, the competition to get in is fierce.

Let’s dig into how you can ace your Stripe interview.

I. The Interview Process

The interview process is divided into two phases spanning over a month, a phone screen and an on-site interview. The content of the interviews varies according to your software engineering specialty: frontend, backend, fullstack, or infrastructure. The hiring manager will detail the whole process for you at the beginning of it.

Stripe Interview process by job type

In the event of a negative outcome, you’ll be able to apply again in another six to twelve months.

1. Phone Screen

The phone screen happens in two parts.

Recruiter interview

A 30-minute informal chat to orientate your interview process at Stripe.

How to prepare:

  • Write down short concise descriptions for each item on your resume and how it fits in Stripe’s daily operations.
  • Understand Stripe’s company culture (see part II of this article), how they work and what they stand for, and how it relates to your personal career aspirations.
  • List down Stripe’s current products and services, including those who aren’t directly related to their core business activities (e.g Stripe Press)

Technical interview

A 60-minute pair programming interview via video call with a software engineer. An algorithmic challenge or a user interface problem depending on your track.