Microservices Questions to Nail Your Interview (2022)

So you’ve got an interview for a company who uses a Microservices architecture, congrats! Now it’s time to prepare. Here are some example questions on Microservices you could expect to be asked in your next interview.

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Microservices are among the most vital components of many modern applications. The vast majority (75%) of firms with over 1,000 employees use microservices. Therefore, as a software developer, the chances that you interview for a firm that asks microservices interview questions are pretty high.

Companies like Paypal and Square have been using microservices for a long time. If you want to nail every one of your microservices interview questions, you’ll need to anticipate questions on every aspect, including:

  • General microservices architecture interview questions
  • Java microservices interview questions
  • Microservices design patterns interview questions

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Why Companies Are Increasingly Using Microservices

Instead of taking a monolithic approach to designing system architecture, microservices seek to speed things up. Thus, they eliminate a lot of interdependence that comes with the traditional way of structuring software applications. By using microservice architecture, Chris Richardson claims that app delivery can become more rapid and frequent. As apps become more complex, microservices are increasingly relevant.

The great part about microservices is that they are each independently deployable. Meaning that if you want to test a certain microservice, you don’t need to take down the entire system for maintenance. It’s far more efficient.

General Microservice Architect Interview Questions

You can expect to hear these microservices questions in just about any programming interview.

Q1: Please Explain Microservices Architecture

A: Microservices architecture is a philosophy, a way of structuring the apps in your…