“Last Day at Work” Memes to Make You Smile

“Last Day at Work” Memes to Make You Smile

Phil from 4 day week


The end of every week is something to celebrate, especially if you are working a job you don’t enjoy. It means sweet freedom for a couple of days. If you have managed to get out of a job you hate, the last day at work can feel like a party. The following fifteen memes help express the joy you feel on the last day of a job you don’t like.

1. PSY on the Last Day of Work

Years ago, everyone was enraptured with the song Gangnam style by musician Psy. In this meme, there is a snippet of PSY from his music video where he is walking out of a building, and things are exploding behind him. It is aptly captioned, “Leaving work on my last day.”

PSY on the Last Day of Work

2. Kittens

Kittens are adorable little creatures, and watching them frolic through a meadow of flowers is sure to warm your heart. This heart-warming feeling is exactly how people feel when leaving their workplace on their last day of the job. The text accompanying the kitten says, “Walking out the door on the last day of work.”

Kittens - last day of work meme

3. Leo DiCaprio

There are many memes of Leo DiCaprio floating around the internet. A popular one is him walking through town with a smile on his face swinging his arms. In this variation of the meme, the text surrounding him says, “Last day of work: Smiling so much people thought I stole office supplies.”

Leo DiCaprio - last day of work meme

4. Someecards

Ecards have been around for a while and are known for their sarcastic humor. This one shows a dressed-up woman jumping for joy. She appears to be saying, “Last day of work. Farewell coworkers. I know it has been a pleasure working with me.”