Hubspot Software Engineer Salary: Compensation, Benefits, and Work-Life Balance

Discover HubSpot Software Engineer salaries based on job level and location. Compare with Salesforce. Uncover the company’s work culture, benefits, and perks.

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In today’s rapidly evolving tech world, HubSpot stands tall as a leading force, empowering businesses with innovative software solutions.

Behind their success lies a team of talented professionals, including software engineers, who play a vital role. But what exactly does HubSpot offer to these engineers?

Join us as we explore the salaries, benefits, and work-life balance HubSpot provides its software engineers.

HubSpot Software Engineers’ Salaries by Job Level

According to data from, here is an overview of the salaries for software engineers at HubSpot:

| Level | Level name | Total | Base | Stock (/yr) | Bonus | | — — — — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — -| — — — -| — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — -| | Software Engineer | Entry | $154K | $136K | $17K | $2K | | Senior Software Engineer I | Senior I | $219K | $170K | $48K | $1K | | Senior Software Engineer II | Senior II | $301K | $208K | $90K | $562 | | Staff Software Engineer | Technical Lead | $331K | $231K | $100K | $0 |

Hubspot Salary Range Chart

Entry Level

As an entry-level software engineer at HubSpot, you can expect a total compensation of $154K annually. This includes a base salary of $136K, $17K in stock options per year, and a bonus of $2K.

Senior I

For senior software engineer I at HubSpot, the total compensation rises to $219K annually. The base salary for this level is $170K, with an additional $48K in stock options and a $1K bonus.

Senior II

HubSpot offers significant compensation for senior software engineers at the senior II level. With a total package of $301K, you’ll receive a base salary of $208K, $90K in stock options per year, and a bonus of $562.

Technical Lead

As a staff software engineer or technical lead at HubSpot, you will enjoy the highest compensation package among all levels. The total salary for this role is $331K, which includes a base salary of $231K.

However, stock options are not included in the technical lead package, and no bonus is offered.

Career Progression of Software Engineers at HubSpot


At HubSpot, software engineers have the opportunity for career growth and advancement through various levels. Each level comes with increased responsibilities and a corresponding salary increase.

Here is an overview of the career progression for software engineers at HubSpot:

1. Entry Level (Software Engineer):

  • Salary: Starting at $154,000 per year
  • Responsibilities: Collaborate with the development team to design, develop, and maintain software applications. Gain experience in coding, debugging, and testing.

2. Senior Software Engineer I:

  • Salary: Up to $219,000 per year
  • Responsibilities: Take on more complex projects, provide technical leadership, and mentor junior engineers. Contribute to architectural decisions and optimize code performance.

3. Senior Software Engineer II:

  • Salary: Up to $301,000 per year
  • Responsibilities: Lead multiple projects, guide technical direction, and provide expertise in software development. Collaborate with cross-functional teams and contribute to designing and implementing scalable solutions.

4. Staff Software Engineer (Technical Lead):

  • Salary: Up to $331,000 per year
  • Responsibilities: Drive technical strategy, mentor and coach other engineers, and contribute to the overall software engineering roadmap. Provide technical guidance, oversee project execution, and lead initiatives to improve development processes.

With each promotion, software engineers at HubSpot experience increased compensation and additional responsibilities.

This career progression allows individuals to continuously develop their skills and expertise while taking on more challenging and impactful projects within the company.

Salary Variation by Location

Hubspot Office

The HubSpot Software Engineer’s Salary varies depending on the location of the job. According to Interview Query data here are some examples of how the salary varies in different locations:

|Location | Average Base Salary | | — — | — — | | Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Area | $170K | | Seattle, WA | $160K | | Dallas, TX | $160K | | Boston, MA | $143K | | San Francisco, CA | $140K | | New York, NY | $135K | | Orlando, FL | $125K | | Dublin, Ireland | $95K | | Atlanta, GA | $94K | | Berlin, Germany | $91K |

Top Benefits at HubSpot


As per data following are the fantastic benefits HubSpot offers its employees.

  1. Unlimited PTO (Vacation / Personal Days): HubSpot offers a generous unlimited paid time off policy, allowing employees to take time off when needed without worrying about accrued vacation days or personal leave.
  2. Employee Assistance Program (HubCare): HubSpot’s HubCare program provides employees with mental health resources. Certified clinicians are available 24/7 via phone, email, chat, and video, ensuring employees have the support they need for their mental well-being.
  3. Fertility Assistance (Egg Freezing): HubSpot understands the importance of family planning and offers fertility assistance, including egg freezing, to support employees in their journey toward parenthood.
  4. Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP): HubSpot’s ESPP allows employees to contribute up to 15% of their base salary towards purchasing company stock. Additionally, employees enjoy a 15% discount on the purchase price of the store, providing an opportunity for long-term investment and financial growth.
  5. Tuition Reimbursement: HubSpot values continuous learning and offers $5,000 per year for employees to invest in their education. This benefit enables employees to expand their skills and knowledge, supporting their professional growth.
  6. Leadership Development: HubSpot provides various resources and training programs to foster leadership skills. From training to recognition programs, ThinkSpaces, and resources for new and experienced managers, HubSpot is committed to nurturing leadership potential within its workforce.
  7. Company Shuttle and Regional Transit: HubSpot offers convenient transportation options for employees, including a company shuttle and access to the regional transit system in Cambridge. This helps alleviate commuting stress and enhances work-life balance.
  8. On-Site Gym and Clinic: HubSpot promotes employee well-being by providing an on-site gym and clinic in its Cambridge location. Employees can conveniently access fitness facilities and healthcare services, supporting their overall health and wellness.
  9. Sabbatical: After five years of service, employees are eligible for a sabbatical, including a bonus of $5,000 US. This opportunity allows employees to take an extended break and recharge, ensuring work-life balance and rejuvenation.
  10. Parental Leave: HubSpot recognizes the importance of family and supports new parents with parental leave benefits. Employees are entitled to 6 weeks of paternity leave and 16 weeks of maternity leave, ensuring they have the time and support to bond with their newborns.
  11. Free Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: HubSpot provides delicious meals to its employees five days a week in its Cambridge office. This benefit saves employees time and money while fostering community and well-being.
  12. Remote Work: HubSpot offers remote work opportunities, allowing employees to work from the comfort of their homes or any location that suits their needs. This flexible work arrangement promotes work-life balance and increases productivity.

Working Culture at HubSpot

Regarding the working culture at HubSpot, employees have consistently rated it highly positive across various departments. According to data from Comparably, HubSpot excels in terms of work-life balance, happiness, and overall culture score.

Here is a breakdown of the ratings given by employees in different departments at HubSpot:

HubSpot Work-Life Balance by Department

It is evident from the data that HubSpot strongly focuses on ensuring its employees have a healthy work-life balance. The high ratings for work-life balance across departments indicate that HubSpot prioritizes the well-being of its employees by offering flexibility and support in managing their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, the consistently high ratings for happiness and culture score suggest that employees at HubSpot feel satisfied and engaged in their work environment.

This can be attributed to the company’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive culture where employees feel valued and supported.

Overall, the positive ratings at HubSpot underscore the company’s dedication to creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment for its employees.

HubSpot Work Life Balance

Salary Comparison: Hubspot vs Salesforce

Hubspot vs Salesforce

When considering a career as a software engineer, it’s crucial to assess the salary range and compensation packages offered by different companies. In this section, we will compare the salaries for software engineers at Hubspot and its competitor, Salesforce.

To provide an accurate comparison, let’s take a look at the salary data for software engineers at both companies:

HubSpot Software Engineer Salaries

| Level | Level name | Total | Base | Stock (/yr) | Bonus | | — — — — — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — -| — — — -| — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — -| | Software Engineer | Entry | $154K | $136K | $17K | $2K | | Senior Software Engineer I | Senior I | $219K | $170K | $48K | $1K | | Senior Software Engineer II | Senior II | $301K | $208K | $90K | $562 | | Staff Software Engineer | Technical Lead | $331K | $231K | $100K | $0 |


Salesforce Software Engineer Salaries

| Level | Level name | Total | Base | Stock (/yr) | Bonus | | — — — -| — — — — — — | — — — -| — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — -| | 1 | Associate MTS | $157K | $131K | $15K | $10K | | 2 | MTS | $195K | $159K | $26K | $10K | | 3 | Senior MTS | $232K | $183K | $30K | $19K | | 4 | Lead MTS | $286K | $217K | $43K | $26K | | 5 | Principal MTS | $371K | $252K | $79K | $40K |


As we can see from the table above, the salary ranges for software engineers at both Hubspot and Salesforce vary based on different levels of experience and expertise.

At the entry level, Hubspot offers a total compensation of $154K. In comparison, Salesforce provides a slightly higher total compensation of $157K.

Moving up to the senior level, Hubspot offers a total compensation of $219K for Senior I engineers, while Salesforce offers $195K for the same position. For Senior II engineers, Hubspot provides a total compensation of $301K, slightly higher than Salesforce’s $232K.

At the Technical Lead (Staff) level, Hubspot offers a total compensation of $331K. On the other hand, Salesforce provides a total compensation of $296K.

However, it’s important to note that these figures represent an average salary range and can vary based on factors such as location, additional benefits, and individual negotiation.


Q. How much do Software Engineers make at HubSpot?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at HubSpot

Source: Glassdoor

The salary range for Software Engineers at HubSpot varies depending on the level of experience and expertise. The entry-level Software Engineer, also known as an Associate, earns a total compensation of $154K. On the other hand, the highest-paid Software Engineers at HubSpot, known as Staff Software Engineers or Technical Leads, make a total compensation of $331K.

Q. What is the average salary at HubSpot for Software Engineers?

Hubspot Software Engineer Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

The average salary for Software Engineers at HubSpot is around $219K annually. This average is calculated based on the salaries of Software Engineers at different levels, ranging from entry-level to senior positions.”

Q. What is the highest salary for Software Engineer at HubSpot?

The highest salary for Software Engineers at HubSpot is $331K annually. This salary is given to Staff Software Engineers or Technical Leads with significant experience and expertise in their field.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at HubSpot?

As a Software Engineer at HubSpot, some of the most common skills required include proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, or JavaScript, knowledge of software development methodologies, experience with software design and architecture, problem-solving abilities, and strong communication skills. Moreover, knowing HubSpot’s CRM platform and related technologies is beneficial.”

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at HubSpot?

An entry-level Software Engineer at HubSpot, also known as an Associate, earns a total compensation of $154K annually. This includes a base salary of $136K, stock worth $17K per year, and a bonus of $2K.

Summing Up

HubSpot goes above and beyond by providing its software engineers competitive salaries, a wide range of attractive benefits, and a supportive work-life balance.

This commitment to valuing their employees makes HubSpot an appealing destination for those seeking rewarding opportunities in the field.

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