How long does Amazon background check take & best practices (2022)

The interview isn’t the only thing you need to pass, there’s also a background check. Let’s dive into what this entails and what you need to know.

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Amazon has easily grown to be one of the largest companies in the world. However, landing a job in such a large company isn’t that simple.

Even if you pass the interview, you still have to undergo a rigorous background check just to get into this company.

This background check also has various components that can be very difficult to understand. However, if you know which components are behind the background check and how they work — you will know what you must do to pass it.

This is exactly the information that we will provide for you in this article. We will look into all of the moving pieces and what is behind the Amazon background check — as well as best practices you can take.

Employment Law

Before you undergo an Amazon or Amazon Flex background check, you need to understand your rights. There are federal laws and local codes that pertain to your state. Always be sure to check your local code by searching for your state website.

Amazon is a massive company, but they are still under the same strict regulations as other companies in the United States.

The most important regulation to understand is:

No employer can take into account any felony that was committed past 7 years — even if they run a background check that goes past this.

Why is a background check important?

When you have a company of this magnitude, it is important to have a streamlined process of hiring employees. Thousands of people from every type of background apply for jobs at Amazon. There are both highly skilled and unskilled workers.

Background Check

To maintain the safety of employees and a good culture to work for — some standards need to be met, and these are the standards that are set by Amazon.

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