Formedix 4 Day Work Week

Formedix, a leading provider of clinical trial automation software, made the switch to a 4 day week in 2019 after an initial trial period which revealed impressive results. Here are the results of their trial (which is now permanent!)

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3 min readJun 25, 2022

Formedix operates within the pharmaceutical software industry. Their off-the-shelf clinical metadata repository (CMDR) and clinical trial automation platform, ryze, automates the end-to-end clinical trial design and build process, which in turn helps to bring life-saving drugs to market, faster.

Our approach to work-life balance

Formedix has always promoted a healthy work-life balance; their commitment to family friendly working was recognized in the 2020 Top Employer Awards where Formedix won Best Employer in the small company category.

In 2019 the company was already offering flexible start and finish times, when they decided to trial a 4 day working week.

Why did Formedix decide to try a 4 day week?

Several reasons really. One was to increase job satisfaction. The company knew that by giving employees a better work-life balance, they would be more likely to live happier and healthier lives, and also more likely to come to work feeling refreshed & motivated.

They also did it to attract new talent. It can be tricky for a smaller company to stand out against large brands. So they wanted to offer something different. Not everyone can say they work a 4 day week — for the same salary as 5 days, and fewer hours!

The results of the trial period

Changing from a 5 day working week to a 4 day week is a big decision, especially for a small company. Formedix needed to make sure that a 4 day week would work for everyone. In reality, would it give people a better work-life balance? Would it increase job satisfaction? And could they still keep the same levels of productivity?

The trial period lasted 6 weeks and was followed by an anonymous questionnaire distributed to all staff.

The results were clear: EVERYONE wanted to make the 4 day week permanent.

  • 89% said it had increased their job satisfaction
  • 94% said it gave them a better work-life balance

Even in terms of productivity it was better than they’d expected:

  • 45% said their productivity was the same.
  • And 55% said it had actually boosted their productivity

Darren Bill, Chief Operating Officer at Formedix, who originally championed the 4 day week said:

We already offered some nice perks. But we wanted something a bit special, to give people even more flexibility. So they can balance working life better with friends, family, hobbies… and all the other good stuff in between. The trial went so well that we rolled it out permanently straight away.

Formedix team

How Formedix helps employees balance their home and work lives

  • 4 day working week: For the same pay & fewer hours. Staff now work 136 hours per month instead of 150.
  • Core office hours are 10am-3.30pm: but staff choose their hours of work as desired.
  • Flexible hours: Staff work 136 hours per month, but no set number of hours per day/week.
  • Flexible office entry: All staff have 24/7 access to the office.
  • Flexible breaks: No set break times.

Formedix also provides other benefits, like monthly funded pizza socials, regular social events and twice yearly funded parties. They also provide private medical insurance.

Head to the Formedix website to view the available positions and apply!

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