Facebook Onsite Interview Success Rate (2022)

Getting a job at Facebook / meta isn’t easy. For starters you are going to have to make it through multiple rounds of interview, with multiple different people. So what are your chances of success if you make it to the onsite interview?

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7 min readJun 25, 2022

Being a Facebook employee means collaborating with industry leaders and having numerous opportunities to grow. However, nothing good comes easy, as the company’s interview process can be challenging. To land a job at Facebook, you must bring your A-game and be at your creative best.

Facebook’s recruitment process involves four stages: resume screening, phone screen, onsite interview, and hiring committee reviews. The onsite interviews are generally the toughest as many candidates don’t make it past this stage.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Facebook onsite interview success rate. We’ll also let you know how best to prepare for the interview to increase your odds of receiving an offer. Let’s jump right in.

What Percentage of Applicants Pass Facebook’s Onsite Interview Stage?

There is hardly any available data to show past candidates’ success rates. However, many tech experts are looking to fill the minimal vacancies at Facebook. But, again, since the onsite interview stage is the most challenging phase, you should expect a low success rate.

Some people project the Facebook onsite interview success rate to be as low as 5%. To learn about past applicants’ experiences and advice, you can visit forums such as Reddit and Quora.

What Are My Chances of Success at the Facebook Onsite Interview?

Determining your success chances at a Facebook onsite interview can be pretty challenging. That is because numerous factors contribute to scaling the onsite interview stage.

For example, your knowledge of the role you’re interviewing for will likely have a significant impact on how successful you’ll be. Some people will even attribute a candidate’s chances of success to luck.

However, one thing is clear: the better your preparation for the interview, the higher your probability of a job offer. Therefore, you must focus your energy on discovering what Facebook recruiters want and giving them just that. It’s also essential to understand the onsite interview processes and answer questions correctly.

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Facebook Office, Menlo Park

What Does Facebook Look for When Hiring Candidates?

As one of the most sought-after companies for employment, Facebook has built a framework for hiring only the best people. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the hiring process revolves around his valued principle, “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.” He added that “As long as you have that as your rule for picking the people you work with, you’re not going to go wrong.”

So, the all-important question is, “what kind of people will Mark Zuckerberg work for?” The answer is in Facebook’s core values:

Be Bold

It took a lot of courage for Mark Zuckerberg to build Facebook at the time he did. He expects this determination from anyone who strives to secure a position in his company. In other words, Facebook is no place for anyone scared of taking risks.

Focus on Impact

Making an impact is one of Facebook’s driving forces. The company is constantly looking for convenient and innovative ways to connect the world.

Achieving this objective means employees must identify challenges, think outside the box, and provide viable solutions. So, if you believe that you’ve got top-notch problem-solving skills, Facebook is the company for you.

Move Fast

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook is a progressive organization. This means that they are fast-paced, refusing to remain in one spot.

Therefore, they want fast-thinking innovators who can build and improve on projects. To receive a Facebook job offer, you must show capacity and speed.

Be Open

Facebook operates on transparency and knowledge-sharing for informed decision-making. To work with this principle, you must be open enough to share and accept knowledge.

In other words, Facebook wishes to hire intelligent team players. So, cooperating and sharing insights with others is a massive advantage in the hiring process.

Build Social Value

More than just making a profit, Mark Zuckerberg wants to create something the world will benefit from. So the best-suited Facebook employees must have a purpose bigger than merely making money. You must show passion for changing the world for the better.

In summary, Facebook will not compromise on its principles in its hiring process. To sustain their reputation for excellence, they’ll rather have a vacancy than employing an ill-suited candidate to fill a position.

What Does Facebook’s Onsite Interview Look Like?

Facebook’s onsite interview establishes whether or not you’re suited for the position. It’s also to understand your thinking process and determine how well you fit into the company culture.

Facebook’s onsite interview comprises four sessions of about 45- 50 minutes. These rounds test your suitability for the role in different ways:

Coding Interviews

This comprises two coding sessions that last about 45 minutes. It focuses on algorithms and data structures and typically covers string, binary trees, list, and stack. Coding sessions may require you to draw codes on the whiteboard after discussing your solution with the interviewer.

System Design

This stage will test your design skills by requiring you to build an operational system from scratch. Sometimes, they’ll ask you to design a product instead, depending on your interviewing role. Try to develop a scalable system or product with minimal error.

Behavioral Interview

You’ll typically answer open-ended facebook leadership interview questions at this stage. The behavioral round questions aim to assess how good a team player you are. It also tests your leadership abilities, self-awareness, and self-reliance. Finally, expect to answer questions about your past jobs at this stage.

How To Prepare for Facebook’s Onsite Interview

It’s essential to spend quality time preparing for your Facebook onsite interview. These steps will help you prepare better and increase your success chances:

Believe in Yourself

Focusing on the low Facebook onsite interview rate can adversely affect your confidence, so don’t do that. Instead, understand that getting to this stage means having what it takes to work at Facebook. You just need to trust the process and give it your best shot.

Practice Mock Interviews With Friends

You can use a mock interview to rate your preparedness. If possible, practice with friends, company executives, or anyone who has undergone Facebook interviews.

Focus on Data Structure and Algorithms, Coding Skills, and System Design

These are essential parts of the interview process, and Facebook takes them seriously. You should too.

Learn Possible Questions and How to Answer Questions

Do your research about the likely questions in each interview stage and practice with them. For example, you can find possible behavioral interview questions at 4 Day Week. Also, learn how to answer interview questions using the STAR methodology.

STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Begin answering your questions by describing a situation you were in. Next, explain your duty or goal and the steps you took to remedy the problem. Finally, talk about how the action led to the desired result.

Example of the STAR Answering Technique

Here’s an example of using the STAR technique to answer your interview question.


Tell me about a conflict you’ve handled.


  • Situation: At my last job in project management, my team worked on an IT project. However, a team member consistently failed to meet deadlines and slowed the work down. When I asked why, she responded defensively and walked out on me.
  • Task: I had to find a way to get her to open up to me to help her.
  • Action: The next day, I approached her again and told her I understood how taxing her job is. I asked her how I could help alleviate her workload. She explained that she didn’t understand specific aspects of her job description and needed guidance. I called an expert in the field to bring her up to speed.
  • Result: The work improved, and we met deadlines. Also, my team member was grateful, and we never had to deal with finishing tasks late ever again.

Three Essential Tips to Note When Applying for a Role at Facebook

Always follow these best practices to boost your chances of a Facebook job offer:

  • Be diverse; learn a two or two about roles below and above yours. Working at Facebook may require you to switch job duties from time to time. As such, your expertise in multiple areas is part of what sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Try not to give up on tough questions. It’s always better to get it wrong than to do nothing. Be sure to retrace your steps if you make an error.
  • Ask questions, lots of them. Ask about the interview process, work-life at Facebook, and anything you’re unsure of.

Acing Facebook’s Onsite Interview

As one of the Big Five tech companies alongside Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, securing employment at Facebook is challenging. Also, the slim Facebook onsite success rate can be discouraging.

However, this isn’t the time to get cold feet. With the tips and insights in this article, you’ve got all the information you need to ace Facebook’s onsite interview. So, go, get that Facebook role, and thank us later.

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