Etsy Software Engineer Salary: An In-depth Look at Compensation and Benefits

Discover the Etsy Software Engineer Salary and Benefits. Learn about the competitive compensation, perks, and work-life balance at this global e-commerce marketplace.

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11 min readJul 11, 2023

Behind the thriving world of e-commerce, Etsy stands as a premier marketplace connecting creators with a global audience.

At the core of Etsy’s success are its talented software engineers, the masterminds behind its seamless functionality and innovative features.

But what exactly do these software engineers earn? Join us as we uncover Etsy’s software engineer salary structure and the factors influencing their compensation, including experience, location, and specialization.

Etsy Sofware Engineers Salaries by Job Level

You can find detailed salary information for software engineers at Etsy on the website. Below is a summary table of the salaries for each level:

Level Name | Total | Base | Stock (/yr) | Bonus — — | — — | — — | — — | — — IC1 | $152K | $120K | $23K | $9K IC2 | $197K | $140K | $42K | $15K IC3–1 | $256K | $160K | $76K | $19K IC3–2 | $261K | $176K | $67K | $18K IC4–1 | $369K | $196K | $148K | $25K

Etsy Sofware Engineers Salaries

IC1 — Software Engineer I

As a Software Engineer I at Etsy, you can expect a total compensation of $152K annually. This includes a base salary of $120K, a stock bonus of $23K, and a bonus of $9K.

IC1 is an entry-level position where you will be responsible for developing and maintaining software applications.

IC2 — Software Engineer II

At the IC2 level, or Software Engineer II, your total compensation at Etsy will be around $197K annually. The base salary for this level is $140K, with an additional $42K in stock and a $15K bonus.

As a Software Engineer II, you will have more experience and be involved in more complex projects.

IC3–1 — Senior Software Engineer I

Senior Software Engineer I, or IC3–1, is a more senior role at Etsy. The total compensation for this level is approximately $256K per year. The base salary is $160K, with an annual stock bonus of $76K and a $18K bonus.

Being a Senior Software Engineer I, you will be expected to lead projects and mentor junior engineers.

IC3–2 — Senior Software Engineer II

Senior Software Engineer II, or IC3–2, is the senior level for software engineers at Etsy. The total compensation for this level is $261K per year. The base salary is $176K, with an annual stock bonus of $67K and a $18K bonus.

At this level, you will be considered an expert in your field and responsible for leading technology initiatives.

IC4–1 — Staff Software Engineer I

Senior Software Engineer II, or IC3–2, is the highest level for software engineers at Etsy. The total compensation for this level is $369K per year. The base salary is $196K, with an annual stock bonus of $148K and a $25K bonus.

In this position, you contribute to developing and maintaining complex software systems, leading in technical decision-making, and providing guidance to junior engineers.

Career Progression at Etsy

Etsy Office

At Etsy, the career path for software engineers is structured into different levels, each representing a step forward regarding skills, responsibilities, and compensation.

Let’s take a look at the progression from one level to another:

1. Software Engineer I (IC1) to Software Engineer II (IC2)

  • Salary Increase: The base salary for a Software Engineer II is $140K, which is $20K higher than the base salary for a Software Engineer I.
  • New Responsibilities: As you transition to the Software Engineer II level, you will take on more complex projects and gain exposure to advanced programming concepts. Also, you will be expected to mentor junior engineers and contribute to the team’s technical strategy.

2. Software Engineer II (IC2) to Senior Software Engineer I (IC3–1)

  • Salary Increase: With the promotion to Senior Software Engineer I, your base salary will increase to $160K, a jump of $20K.
  • New Responsibilities: As a Senior Software Engineer I, you will be entrusted with more significant technical challenges and take ownership of critical components within projects. Additionally, you will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams and guide less experienced engineers.

3. Senior Software Engineer I (IC3–1) to Senior Software Engineer II (IC3–2)

  • Salary Increase: Moving up to the Senior Software Engineer II level comes with a base salary of $176K, a raise of $17K.
  • New Responsibilities: At this level, you will lead the design and implementation of complex software systems. You will also be able to lead technical initiatives and mentor junior engineering team members.

4. Senior Software Engineer II (IC3–2) to Staff Software Engineer I (IC4–1)

  • Salary Increase: Next comes Staff Software Engineer I level with a base salary of $196K, a raise of $20K.
  • New Responsibilities: You will contribute to developing and maintaining complex software systems at this level. You will also lead in technical decision-making and guide junior engineers.

It’s important to note that promotions at Etsy come with increased compensation, expanded responsibilities, and opportunities for professional growth.

Etsy Software Engineers Salary Variation by Location

Etsy Office

Regarding Etsy Software Engineer salaries, the compensation can vary depending on the location. According to Interview Query data, here’s a breakdown of how the salaries differ across different locations:

| Location | Average Base Salary | | — — | — — | | Los Angeles, CA | $235K | | San Francisco, CA | $162K | | Seattle, WA | $155K | | New York, NY | $152K | | Ann Arbor, MI | $152K | | Toronto, Canada | $151K | | Norfolk, VA | $136K | | London, United Kingdom | $66K |

It is noteworthy that factors such as the local job market, cost of living, and demand for tech talent can all contribute to salary variations across different locations.

Top Benefits Offered by Etsy

Etsy Office

According to data, Etsy provide following benefits to its employees

  1. On-Site Clinic: Etsy provides an on-site clinic, ensuring convenient access to healthcare services for its employees.
  2. Generous PTO (Vacation / Personal Days): Employees at Etsy enjoy ample paid time off for vacations and personal days, allowing them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  3. Unlimited Sick Time: Etsy understands the importance of employee well-being and offers unlimited sick time, ensuring employees can prioritize their health when needed.
  4. Extended Maternity and Paternity Leave: New parents at Etsy are given 26 weeks of maternity and paternity leave to bond with their new child and adjust to their new family dynamic.
  5. 100% Health Insurance Coverage: Etsy covers 100% of health insurance premiums for its employees and their dependents, giving them peace of mind and ensuring access to quality healthcare.
  6. Pet-Friendly Workplace: Etsy recognizes the importance of pets in its employees’ lives and offers a pet-friendly workplace, creating a positive and inclusive work environment.
  7. On-Site Gym: With an on-site gym at its Brooklyn facilities, Etsy promotes employee health and wellness by providing convenient access to fitness facilities.
  8. Volunteer Time Off: Etsy encourages its employees to give back to their communities by offering volunteer time off, allowing them to engage in meaningful volunteer activities.
  9. Health Savings Account (HSA): Etsy contributes $500 annually to employees’ Health Savings Accounts. Additionally, employees covering dependents receive an additional $1,000 contribution from Etsy.
  10. Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Etsy offers a Flexible Spending Account, enabling employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses.
  11. Dental and Vision Insurance: Etsy provides dental insurance through Delta Dental and vision insurance through Spectera, ensuring employees have comprehensive oral and vision health coverage.
  12. Life and AD&D Insurance: Employees at Etsy receive life insurance coverage for two times their base salary, up to $400,000. Additionally, they are covered by Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance up to the same amount.
  13. Disability Insurance: Etsy offers Short-Term Disability (STD) coverage, providing 100% of weekly salary, and Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage, providing 60% of wages up to $12,500 monthly.
  14. Employee Assistance Program: Etsy offers up to 20 virtual or in-person coaching or clinical therapy sessions to support employees’ mental and emotional well-being.
  15. Retirement Savings Options: Employees have the choice between a Roth 401k or a traditional 401k. Etsy also offers a 50% match on the first 6% base salary contributed to the 401k.
  16. Donation Match: Etsy demonstrates its commitment to social impact by matching employee donations up to $750, doubling the impact of employees’ contributions.
  17. Fertility and Adoption Assistance: Etsy supports employees on their journey to parenthood by offering fertility assistance and reimbursing eligible employees up to $7,500 for adoption and surrogacy-related fees and expenses.
  18. Sabbatical: Employees are eligible for up to 4 weeks of paid leave or the option for an equity grant every five years of continuous service, allowing them to recharge and pursue personal growth opportunities.
  19. Unique Perk — Work/Life Stipend: Etsy provides a work/life stipend of $1,700 annually, empowering employees to invest in their personal development, well-being, and work-life balance.
  20. Remote Work Opportunities: Etsy offers remote work options, providing flexibility and accommodating employees’ needs and preferences.

These benefits contribute to Etsy’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of its employees, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Working Culture at Etsy

According to Comparably data, Etsy employees have varying experiences with work-life balance, happiness, and overall culture. Let’s take a closer look at the ratings for different departments:

Etsy Work-Life Balance by Department

Regarding work-life balance, happiness, and culture, the engineering department at Etsy received an exceptional A+ rating. This indicates that employees in this department generally have a positive experience when it comes to managing their work responsibilities and personal life.

Moreover, the high rating suggests that Etsy values its engineers’ well-being, allowing them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Etsy Work Life Balance

Comparison of Salaries: Etsy vs Shopify

Etsy versus Shopify

When considering a career in software engineering, evaluating the compensation packages offered by different companies is important. Here, we’ll compare the salaries for software engineers at Etsy with those at Shopify, a major competitor in the e-commerce industry.

Etsy Software Engineers Salaries

| Level | Level Name | Total | Base | Stock (/yr) | Bonus | | — — — -| — — — — — — | — — — -| — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — -| | IC1 | Software Engineer I | $152K | $120K | $23K | $9K | | IC2 | Software Engineer II | $197K | $140K | $42K | $15K | | IC3–1 | Senior Software Engineer I | $249K | $159K | $72K | $18K | | IC3–2 | Senior Software Engineer II | $261K | $176K | $67K | $18K | | IC4–1 | Staff Software Engineer I | $369K | $196K | $148K | $25K |


Shopify Software Engineer’s Salaries

Now, let’s compare these figures with the salary data for software engineers at Shopify. Although the levels might not match perfectly, we can still get a general idea of the compensation offered.

| Level | Level Name | Total | Base | Stock (/yr) | Bonus | | — — — -| — — — — — — | — — — -| — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — -| | L4 | Entry Level | $85K | $74K | $10K | $0 | | L5 | Software Developer | $119K | $110K | $9K | $342 | | L6 | Senior Software Developer | $166K | $148K | $18K | $397 | | L7 | Staff Software Developer | $236K | $187K | $49K | $167 | | L8 | Senior Staff Software Developer | $300K | $271K | $29K | $0 |


From the comparison above, it’s clear that Etsy offers higher salary ranges for software engineering positions than Shopify.

For example, an entry-level software engineer at Etsy (IC1) earns an average of $152K in total compensation, while a software developer at Shopify (L4) earns $85K.

Similarly, at the senior level, the gap in compensation continues to widen, with staff software engineers at Etsy (IC4–1) taking home an average of $369K, compared to $300K for senior staff software developers at Shopify (L8).

However, remember that salary is just one component of a comprehensive compensation package. Other factors such as benefits, work-life balance, company culture, and growth opportunities should also be considered when evaluating potential job opportunities.


Q. How much do Software Engineers make at Etsy?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at Etsy

Source: Glassdoor

“Software Engineers at Etsy can earn competitive salaries. The salary range for Software Engineers at Etsy varies depending on the level and experience. The base salary for a Software Engineer I (IC1) starts at $120K per year, while a Staff Software Engineer II (IC4–1) can earn up to $369K per year. The total compensation includes base salary, stock, and bonus.”

Q. What is the average salary at Etsy for Software Engineers?

Etsy Software Engineer Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

“The average salary for Software Engineers at Etsy is impressive. Considering all the levels, the average salary for a Software Engineer at Etsy is $214,750 annually. This average considers the base salary, stock options, and bonuses.”

Q. What is Etsy’s highest salary as a Software Engineer?

“As a Software Engineer at Etsy, you have the potential to earn a highly competitive salary. The highest salary offered at Etsy is for Staff Software Engineer II (IC4–1), where the total compensation can reach up to $369K per year. This includes a base salary, stock options, and bonuses.”

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at Etsy?

“To excel as a Software Engineer at Etsy, several key skills are highly valued. These include proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or JavaScript, experience with web development frameworks, strong problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of software development methodologies. Additionally, familiarity with cloud technologies and database management is also beneficial.”

Q. How much does an entry-level Software Engineer make at Etsy?

“An entry-level Software Engineer at Etsy, known as a Software Engineer I (IC1), can expect a competitive salary. The base salary for an IC1 Software Engineer at Etsy is $120K per year. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring Software Engineers to kickstart their career at a leading company like Etsy.”

Summing Up

Etsy’s commitment to attracting and retaining top software engineering talent is evident through its competitive compensation packages and enticing benefits.

With a dedication to innovation and creativity, Etsy provides a vibrant platform where software engineers can thrive and make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

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