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eBay, renowned for its global e-commerce presence, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. The company boasts a workforce of 11,600 employees, a significant number of whom are software engineers.

These tech-savvy individuals work tirelessly to ensure a seamless user experience, from the front-end interface to back-end functionalities.

Join us as we delve into the world of eBay’s software engineers, exploring their competitive salaries, enticing benefits, and the vibrant work culture that sets them apart.

eBay Software Engineer Salaries at Different Levels

eBay offers competitive compensation packages to its software engineers. The table below shows salaries by level at eBay. All salary data is sourced from Levels.fyi.

| Level | Level Name | Total Compensation | Base Salary | Stock (/yr) | Bonus | | — — — -| — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — -| — — — — — — — | — — — — — — -| — — — -| |SE 1|Software Engineer 1|$144K|$118K|$13K|$13K| |SE 2|Software Engineer 2|$160K|$129K|$18K|$13K| |SE 3|Software Engineer 3|$201K|$159K|$30K|$12K| |MTS 1|Member of Technical Staff 1|$248K|$190K|$44K|$14K| |MTS 2|Member of Technical Staff 2|$312K|$212K|$76K|$24K| |Senior MTS |Senior Member of Technical Staff |$408K|$245K|$124K|$40K| |Principal MTS |Principal Member of Technical Staff |$394K|$223K|$114K|$58K|

eBay Software Engineer Salaries

SE 1 — Software Engineer 1

Starting the career journey as a Software Engineer 1 at eBay, you can expect a total compensation of $144K annually. The base salary is $118K, supplemented by $13K paid as stock and another $13K as a bonus.

SE 2 — Software Engineer 2

Moving up to the Software Engineer 2 level, the total compensation rises to $160K annually. The base salary increases to $129K, with $18K in stock and a $13K bonus.

SE 3 — Software Engineer 3

As a Software Engineer 3, the average salary sees yet another hike, with total compensation amounting to $201K annually. This includes a base salary of $159K, $30K in stock, and a $12K bonus.

MTS 1 — Member of Technical Staff 1

The Member of Technical Staff 1, a prestigious level at eBay, commands a total compensation of $248K annually. The base salary for this role is $190K, with an additional $44K in stock and a $14K bonus.

MTS 2 — Member of Technical Staff 2

Ascending to the position of MTS 2, the annual total compensation elevates to $312K. The essential pay experiences a boost to $212K, accompanied by $76K in stock options and a bonus of $24K.

Senior MTS — Senior Member of Technical Staff

In the role of Senior MTS, the average annual compensation experiences another increase, reaching $408K. This sum includes a $245K base salary, $124K in stock awards, and a $40K bonus.

Principal MTS — Principal Member of Technical Staff

Holding the esteemed position of Principal MTS at eBay, one can expect an annual total compensation of $394K. This figure is broken down into a base salary of $223K, plus $114K in stock options and a $58K bonus.

Career Progression and Salary Increases at eBay

Career Progression and Salary Increases at eBay

At eBay, software engineers can look forward to impressive career advancements and corresponding salary increases. Here is a brief overview:

  • Software Engineer 1 (SE1) to Software Engineer 2 (SE2): A typical progression sees an increase in total compensation from $144K to $160K. This promotion recognizes engineers who have broadened their technical skills and begun taking ownership of complex tasks and projects.
  • Software Engineer 2 (SE2) to Software Engineer 3 (SE3): The leap from SE2 to SE3 is marked by a significant salary boost to $201K. At this level, engineers are expected to lead technical aspects of projects and mentor junior team members.
  • Software Engineer 3 (SE3) to Member of Technical Staff 1 (MTS1): The MTS1 receives a total compensation of $253K. MTS1 engineers are technical leaders, guiding strategic decisions and driving innovation.
  • Member of Technical Staff 1 (MTS1) to Member of Technical Staff 2 (MTS2): The MTS2 enjoys a total compensation of $312K. He primarily designs, codes, and debits software features or components, focusing on intermediate-level complexity and scope.
  • Member of Technical Staff 2 (MTS2) to Senior Member of Technical Staff: The jump from MTS2 to Senior MTS is marked by a significant salary increase of $408K. Senior MTS leads architectural decisions and mentors junior engineers while being accountable for crucial software components across multiple projects.
  • Senior Member of Technical Staff to Principal Member of Technical Staff: The transition from Senior MTS to Principal MTS is characterized by an annual salary boost to $394K. Principal MTS serves as a technical authority within the organization, driving architectural vision, strategy, and implementation across multiple teams.

Salary Variation by Location

Ebay Head Office

eBay Software Engineer Salaries vary depending on the global location. Here are a few examples:

| Location | Average Base Salary | | — — — — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — — | | Denver, CO | $194K | | Seattle, WA | $155K | | San Francisco, CA | $152K | | New York, NY | $145K | | Atlanta, GA | $129K | | Dallas, TX | $128K | | Portland, OR | $123K | | Austin, TX | $122K | | Charlotte, NC | $120K | | Tel Aviv, Israel | $115K | | Sydney, Australia | $113K | | Toronto, Canada | $104K | | Salt Lake City, UT |$103K | | Amsterdam, Netherlands | $87K | | Berlin, Germany | $86K |

Source: Interview Query

It’s important to note that these variations are primarily due to cost of living differences, exchange rates, and local market conditions.

Top Benefits at eBay

Employee Benefits

eBay, a global leader in eCommerce, offers a comprehensive package of benefits to ensure their employees’ health and wellness. The notable benefits include:

  1. Health Insurance: eBay provides health coverage to its employees, ensuring their well-being-.
  2. 401k Matching: eBay matches 100% of the first 4% of the base salary contributed by the employee to their 401k.
  3. Employee Discount: Employees enjoy discounts on a vast selection of items listed on eBay.
  4. Paid Time Off (PTO): eBay offers a generous PTO policy, providing 16 days of vacation or personal days.
  5. Parental Leave: eBay offers 12 weeks of paternity and maternity leave, ensuring ample bonding time for new parents.
  6. Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP): Employees can contribute up to 10% of their base salary, with a 15% discount on the purchase price of the stock.
  7. Tuition Reimbursement: eBay supports lifelong learning, offering up to $5,250 per year for tuition reimbursement.
  8. Sabbatical: eBay offers 4 weeks of paid time off after 5 years of employment.
  9. Remote Work: eBay supports flexible workstyles, including hybrid and remote work.

These are just a few highlights of eBay’s extensive list of benefits. For a full view of eBay’s benefits, visit the source page.

eBay’s Work Culture and Balance

eBay's Work-Life Balance

At eBay, a globally recognized name in the e-commerce sector, employees have rated their work culture and life balance positively, per the data compiled by Comparably.

| Department | Work Life Balance | Happiness | Culture Score | | — — — — — — | — — — — — — — — — -| — — — — — -| — — — — — — — -| | Marketing | A+ | A+ | A- | | Design | A+ | B+ | B | | Engineering| A+ | A+ | B | | Sales | C+ | B+ | B+ | | Operations | C+ | C | D+ | | Product | C | A+ | B |

The above table illustrates the high satisfaction levels in departments such as Marketing, Design, and Engineering, where employees have rated their work-life balance as ‘A+.’ This high rating suggests a conducive environment that promotes a healthy balance between professional commitments and personal life.

However, departments like Sales and Operations have a lower rating, indicating a need for improvement in work-life balance and overall happiness.

Despite the variances, eBay’s commitment to its employees is reflected in the ongoing efforts to address these areas and enhance the overall employee experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do entry-level Software Engineers make at eBay?

Salary Details for a Software Engineer at eBay

Source: Glassdoor

eBay offers competitive salaries to its entry-level Software Engineers. Software Engineer 1 at eBay makes a total of $144K per year, with a base salary of $118K. This includes $13K of stock per year and a bonus of $13K.

Q. What is the average salary at eBay?

eBay Total Pay Breakdown

Source: Glassdoor

eBay offers a wide variety of positions with different compensation levels. The average salary for a Software Engineer ranges from $144K for a Software Engineer 1 to $408K for a Senior Member of Technical Staff.

Q. What is the highest salary offered as a Software Engineer at eBay?

The highest salary offered for a Software Engineer position is for the Senior Member of the Technical Staff role, which commands a total compensation of $408K. This includes a base salary of $245K, $124K in stock per year, and a $40K bonus.

Q. What are the most common skills required as a Software Engineer at eBay?

As a global leader in e-commerce and mobile commerce, eBay seeks Software Engineers with solid skills in object-oriented programming, web services, and database systems. Familiarity with e-commerce platforms and technologies is also a big plus.

Summing Up

EBay offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package designed to cater to employees’ every need, ranging from healthcare to education and leisure.

In addition to that, eBay’s work culture scores and work-life balance are commendable, creating an environment that fosters growth and well-being.

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