Digital Marketing Executive Job Description, Responsibilities and Salary (2022)

Looking to hire a Digital Marketer? In this article we discuss the everything you’ll need to know to create the perfect Digital Marketing job description.

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According to Pew Research, 85% of Americans admitted to being online “several times a day”. Digital Marketing involves connecting with your target audience in the right place, at the right time.

A digital marketing executive creates, implements, and optimizes a strategy using digital and social channels to acquire and retain customers. The strategy that a digital marketing executive creates is driven by business goals, and its effectiveness is measured using data analytics.

It’s not a one size fits all approach. The target audience impacts the framework, processes, and tools a marketer will use to build an advanced digital marketing strategy. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced digital marketing executive.

Firstly, let’s discuss at the different types of digital marketer and their different roles.

Digital Marketing Categories

Digital Marketing encompasses everything from social media, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, email, SMS, affiliate, and sponsored marketing.

The best digital marketers are T-shaped marketers. The horizontal line on the T illustrates how the marketer is well versed in the many facets, channels, and tactics involved in digital marketing. The vertical line of the T shows the specific area that a marketer chose to specialize in.

T Shaped Marketer
  • In small businesses, a digital marketer is usually a generalist who owns all the digital marketing tactics and is responsible for their KPIs.
  • In larger businesses, you’ll find many marketers specializing in different channels and owning the KPIs for their specific channels only. For example, there’ll be digital marketers specializing in social media who are then called social media managers and are solely responsible for the company’s social channels.

The Key Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Executive

Some of the key responsibilities of a digital marketer include:

  • Analyzing digital data to draw key insight and make recommendations around campaign optimization
  • Assessing brand positioning, messaging and consumer insights and creating assets based on findings
  • Conducting digital audits to ensure that best practices are being used
  • Maintaining the digital dashboards of several different accounts to keep track of relevant KPIs
  • Coordinating with sales teams to create marketing campaigns to achieve the respective business goals
  • Monitoring key online marketing metrics to track the success or react quickly to underperformance
  • Researching and analyzing target audience, industry trends, and competitor activities
  • Developing and managing the budget to ensure business objectives are met
  • Identifying creative trends and opportunities and presenting findings
  • Creating and maintaining online listings across e-commerce platforms
  • Ensuring that the brand message is consistent across all digital platforms
  • Optimizing digital assets for desktop and mobile for a unified customer experience
  • Maintaining the company’s website and constantly running tests to optimize conversions
  • Utilizing SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach.

Digital Marketing Executive Salaries

In the US, a Payscale survey shows that the average base salary for a digital marketing executive is around $69,829. But the base salary can range from $47k to $102k depending on experience. Entry-level candidates with 1 year or less experience could expect a salary from $47k. The salary for mid-career candidates rose to $74k, while more experienced candidates with over 20 years could look forward to salaries of over $100k.

Digital Marketer Salary

Experience is merely one of the factors that determine the salary of a digital marketing executive. Others that can influence the salary level include qualifications, company size, location, the scope of the job, and seniority (rank) of the job will affect the salary level.

Digital Marketing Executive Qualifications

Most recruiters will require either a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or psychology. But the technical skills required for the successful execution of the job can be learned online through courses and hands-on experience.

Many successful digital marketers have no degrees or transitioned from other fields into entry-level positions and rose up the ranks. Candidates who invest in advanced industry training tend to achieve outstanding job performance and progress faster in their careers.

Digital Marketing Executive Recruitment Process

To get hired, a candidate must go through a company’s recruitment and selection process. This is where they prove that not only are they the right fit for the company but that the company is also a good fit for them.

  1. The recruitment process usually starts with a hiring manager understanding the needs of the role and developing a job description based on those needs. The position is then advertised on relevant job boards to get the right pool of applicants. Candidates may be requested to take an assessment to further filter based on results.
  2. After the screening process, the best candidates are invited to start the interview process, which is usually 2 or 3 rounds of interviews. These interviews are conducted to measure culture fit and technical competence. Unsuccessful candidates are informed by email and the successful candidate is given an offer.
  3. If you’re ready to hire a digital marketing executive you can start by developing your own marketing job description to find the best candidate.

Recommendations for creating job descriptions

For an effective job description that will attract good quality candidates, consider the following:

  • Keep your writing simple and clear to avoid confusing people about what the role entails.
  • Sell your company and why it’s a great choice to work there. Try to include compensation for transparency and any benefits that might sweeten the deal.
  • Mention the tools or tech stack that they will have to use to ensure you get applicants who are familiar with the tools.
  • Post it on the relevant job boards to make sure it reaches the right audience. Offering a 4 day week? Our job platform could help you find the right candidates.

Digital Marketing Executive Job Description Template

You can use this template to post on various job boards to find an ideal digital marketing executive candidate. Insert an additional “about us” section which provides background information about your company and why it’s great to work there.

About the role

Our team is growing and we’re looking to hire an experienced Digital marketing executive on a full-time, permanent basis. You’ll contribute to the planning, implementation and optimization of the company’s digital marketing strategies to ensure that business goals are achieved. We’ve created a solid foundation for our brand to thrive and need you to come in and refine and improve existing workflows with our campaign development and execution process.

This is an exciting opportunity for an analytically minded, creative thinker who can keep up with the fast-paced nature of the digital marketing space. You’ll collaborate with a team of designers and copywriters to activate strategies across all digital platforms to drive success.

Here’s what your day-to-day responsibilities will look like:

  • Identify and understand the target audience so that you can select the most efficient channels to reach them through relevant marketing campaigns.
  • Create, execute and manage content projects to drive traffic and conversions
  • Create and optimize paid ads across various channels and ensure that campaigns run within allocated budgets
  • Use Google Analytics and other analytical tools to measure KPIs and report on campaign performance
  • Extract insights from data and transform them into actionable and measurable changes that will result in optimized campaign performance

Relevant qualifications and skills

  • Have 2 years of experience or more in a similar role
  • Use of relevant tools: [tools]
  • Relevant startup/enterprise experience

To be successful, you’ll need to:

  • Be comfortable engaging with various stakeholders across the brand division and wider business units
  • Be business minded with the ability to focus on and prioritize work that will deliver the most value
  • Possess a working knowledge of marketing automation tools and content management systems
  • Have experience running full-funnel campaigns that nurture customers from awareness to conversion
  • Be comfortable with Google Adwords, Google search console, Google analytics, Google tag manager, Facebook business
  • Be a clear and confident communicator with the ability to deliver persuasive verbal and written arguments
  • Stay up to date with digital and social best practices, identifying opportunities to trial new features and content formats.
  • Be comfortable multitasking and adapt to shifting priorities

What you can expect from us You can look forward to a friendly working environment with passionate and skilled people who are cooperative and ready to help you succeed in your role. We come together for virtual and onsite team-building events to keep everyone connected. Our employees are the heart of our business and we aim to reflect this principle in our benefits and compensation package.

Perks and benefits

We offer a market-related salary of $50–60k annually depending on your experience in addition to:

  • Paid time off to relax and recharge
  • A work-from-home stipend to cover your wifi and other related costs
  • Remote work setup allowance for your workspace, gear, office space, and furniture
  • Personal development allowance to use on any course of your choosing
  • A flexible 4-day week to facilitate work/life balance
  • Paid parental leave to enjoy those exciting milestones in your life


Most of the responsibilities of a digital marketing manager are flexible in that the job can be efficiently done from anywhere. It’s an ideal role for remote work, which is why companies are hiring more remote marketers.

In fact, 17k remote marketing jobs were posted on LinkedIn in the last year. And if you’re looking for a remote digital marketing job which boasts a 4 day work week, check out our job board for remote 32hr marketing jobs.

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