10 Websites to Find Remote Software Jobs in 2021

Whether it’s because of an international pandemic or the urge to switch up your work life there is no better time to start working remotely than in 2021.

Phil from 4 day week
6 min readMar 19, 2021

There are so many good reasons to stay inside the house at the moment: Coronavirus, the constant rain, your dodgy neighbour who you’re convinced is stalking you. Whether it’s because of an international pandemic or the urge to switch up your work life there is no better time to start working remotely than in 2021.

57% of people would prefer a 4 day work week

Especially in tech, the world of web-based jobs is constantly evolving so the potential for home-based working is huge. So many companies have had to change their tact in the past twelve months with working from home becoming such a necessity so here we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favourite websites to look at when searching for a new job, whether that be remote or in a traditional workplace setting.

4 Day Week

Before you get into some of the other great sites on this list, why not have a look around on the site you’re already on? At 4 Day Week we champion the new revolution in work scheduling with the traditional five day week being proven to decrease happiness, productivity and cause intense burnout in staff members.

Our site exclusively lists software development jobs that provide at maximum a four day week schedule to applicants, giving them more time to enjoy the other things in life outside of the (home-)office. Here we give concise and clear information about the job postings with details regarding the work hours, the duties of the job itself as well as info about the companies and why they’re supporting the Four Day Week movement. So whether you’re a Back-End Developer or a FullStack Engineer, a Software Dev or a Data Analyst, you really are already in the best place to look at modern tech jobs!

We Work Remotely Visit website

We Work Remotely is a great sight to look at when applying for jobs as it’s one of the most used websites in this department. They get millions of visitors every month and regularly staff some of the biggest companies in the world like Google and Amazon.

As the name suggests, they work exclusively with remote jobs, allowing staff to work from the comfort of their own home and access opportunities in essentially any country across the globe! Another great thing about WWR for applicants is that companies have to pay a hefty fee to post their jobs on the website, meaning you don’t get some of the spam found on other sites.

Startup.Jobs Visit website

Once again, with Startup.Jobs, it does exactly what it says on the tin. With this site you’ll be put right into the shop window for startup companies looking for new tech staff members. Most of the listings are for Developer and Web Design roles but there are also regular openings for those looking to work in marketing and customer support positions. Startup.Jobs isn’t exclusively for remote jobs but there is a large section of the site dedicated to working from home.

Remote OK Visit website

Remote OK is a really handy website for when you’re targeting your next job, be that as a Senior Cloud Architect or a Technical QA Lead Engineer. It has two main functions, the first is a standard jobs board with really nifty tags showing whether the post is from a verified source or if that specific opening is getting a lot of traffic at the moment. The other function is called Remote Workers and it allows you to create a profile that employers can look at and headhunt you for their next big opening. You can put in information about any coding languages you specialise in or projects you’ve done in the past. Using tags like HTML, CSS, Python and Java, employers can see straight from the start what you’re great at.

Key Values Visit website

Key Values is definitely a unique tool for job seekers as it takes a completely different look at finding jobs. It’s aimed exclusively at engineers but instead of sorting by key skills, the site hooks you up with companies based on their key values as an employer. From deep aspects like team diversity and community engagement to more light ones like if the teams eat lunch together and are friends outside of the workplace, Key Values offers a great way of finding the right company for you. You can even sort by whatever strategy they take with their work, whether that be, product, design or data-driven.

Just Remote Visit website

Just Remote is another great job board for exclusively remote positions. Unlike other sites though, Just Remote offers other features that aid jobseekers in their search for that dream position. Due to their partnership with Resume.io applicants can create their own beautiful resume or CV to attach to job applications. Also, with their PowerSearch feature you can apply for the 70% of job openings that don’t get put on the standard job website due to marketing budgets.

Remote Weekly Visit website

They offer a great job board for remote jobs and those looking for jobs away from the traditional office. Remote Weekly has a varied array of jobs on offer with openings for everything from Front End Developers to Software Engineers. Their blog is great also with regular tips on finding jobs online.

Remote Leaf Visit website

Whereas other job sites may rely solely on AI to select positions for their boards, Remote Leaf is great at cutting through the noise and selecting the best roles for you. Their curating is done mostly by their staff members which provides you with the best jobs for your skillset and experience level. They have several plans for their services with the monthly deal starting at $10 per month.

Remotive Visit website

Remotive is a niche site for looking for remote jobs with a great selection of positions. Unlike larger sites, Remotive really puts effort into building a community with its own Slack groups, blog and interactive Twitter account as well as guides to help remote workers adapt to the new way of life. Plus they also have an adorable dog cartoon sprinkled throughout the site so what’s not to love?

Remote Creators Visit website

Last but certainly not least is Remote Creators. They’re a site still in beta but they pack some really great features already in addition to the ones promised to come in the near future. As well as a great job board, they offer resources for those unsure about the financial side of working from home with tools such as a rate finder and rate calculator. The site focuses more on design based jobs so if you’re in that market Remote Creators site is a must.

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